Dolphin Tour

“Jump!” says the guide and quickly you pull down your snorkel glass and jump off the small motorboat into the blue ocean. When you open your eyes beautiful dolphins appears all around you. Some are playing deeper down and some of them are just in front you.

Kizimkazi is located at the south part on Zanzibar and it is the most popular place too spot dolphins of the island. The surrounding in Kizimkazi, and even on the boat tour from the beach is absolutely fantastic. The water at the beach is crystal clear and very close to the beach you will find huge Baobab trees. In Kizimkazi you can both see and meet bottle-nose and humpback dolphin as they come for provender, to socialize and to be in abeyance. Some of the bottle-nose dolphins even stay in the Kizimakazia area all year around.

There are many speed boats with tourists that want to catch a sight of these fantastic and intelligent animals so you are rarely the only ones out on the water. The time that you will get the most out of your dolphin tour is if you go in the morning. Then the water temprature is perfect for the dolphins to be closer to the surface and they are easy spotted. Since they are wild creatures it is no guarantee that you will be able to swim with them but the chance to see them through your snorkel glass and follow them a bit is mighty. It is an magical feeling to witness these outstanding,and human friendly animals in their natural environment.  You can often see them swimming together, eating fish or playing with each other just in front of you.

On your way back to the beach you will enjoy fresh fruits and hopefully you will return with some fantastic memories.

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