Experience Authentic Local Lifestyle

At Zan View hotel you don’t have to wander far to experience what local life is all about. The hotel is situated on a hill top over looking the village of Kairo. To reach the beautiful blue ocean enjoy a short five minute stroll through this welcoming village below to get that sought after feeling of sand between your toes.

The comfortable stroll between the hotel and the beach is one of the highlights of my every day. I like the intimate feeling I get, of connecting with the community, as we walk on through, hearing the many “mambos” shouted in our direction. There is no feeling of danger whatsover. The people of the village greet you with kind words, and great big smiles. You may even have a couple of curious children come and walk by your side, until you reach your beach destination.

Although it is a very short walk, you can make it as long as you want. Stopping to talk with the locals, watching their daily activities, smelling the delicious odours of authentic Zanzibar cooking, and peeking your head in to the local shops, are all wonderful ways to get yourself better acquainted with the island life here.

Once you reach the beach you can walk the white sandy shore for hours watching the tide come in and go out, soak up the sun, or stay in the shade of the palm trees lining the beach. Exploring is endless, and once you have worked up a sweat the crystal blue ocean will be the perfect retreat.

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