Stonetown Tour

Zanzibar Town and its ancient, historical district Stonetown is just a one-hour drive away from Zan View Hotel in Kiwengwa. After the drive through local villages, mango plantations and small fruit markets we arrived in the heart of Zanzibar. A tour guide organized by the hotel was already waiting for us in front of the famous souvenir shop “Memories of Zanzibar”.

For one and a half hours we explored Stonetown and got an insight into a different lifestyle and culture. Walking through narrow alleys gave us the creeps. We were fascinated by the Indian and Arabic influences that we were able to see in every single building.

Afterwards, we got to a lush park at the seaside and we were spotting the impressive harbor as well as some tiny fisher boats and Prison Island.

Also our guide told us a lot about the remarkable history of the House of Wonders and of the Old Ford who were close by the park.

After taking a lot of interesting pictures we went to another beautiful attraction in Stonetown:
The Darajani Food and Spice Market.

Locals were selling all types of regional food e.g. coconut, mango, bungo and fresh seafood. The smell of ginger, cinnamon and spices we did not even know before made us feel hungry and we decided to have lunch at Lukmaan, a genuinely local restaurant with original Zanzibari food.

Being fully satisfied and replete after this delicious experience on Zanzibari Food we decided to end up our daytrip with a breath-taking Daladala tour back to our hotel. The experience of getting in touch with the cultural life in Stonetown will remain in our mind and memories!

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