Spice Farm, Prison Island and City Tour

How to bring learning and fun together? Easy: Go on a daytrip to visit exciting things in and around Stone town.

This combined tour, organized by Zan View Hotel, offers you the wonderful experience to get to know everything about local spices, see giant turtles on Prison Island and to visit Stone towns dignified sights.

As our first stop we went on the Kitundu spice farm, which belongs to a local community. As we got out of the car we were already fascinated by the smell of the lush plants and spices.

A tour guide gave us a bag which got filled up with a lot of spices real fast. We walked through the farm and were able to taste and smell cinnamon, fresh coffee beans, cacao, ginger and even more.

The guides were doing such a good work. It was really interesting to listen to their knowledge about the spices and also they provided us with fresh fruits, coconut juice and adorable palm tree costumes.

After buying a lot of spices we went to our next tour-stop: The Prison Island with its giant turtles!

Departing from Stone towns harbor we drove 30 minutes to the magnificent small Island. In the 19th Century, Arabian Sultans used the island as a prison for their slaves before selling them on the slave market in Stone Town.

Nowadays the island, also called Changuu, is not used as a prison anymore, although the prison building is still present. The main attraction are the giant turtles, which have a number with their age on their carapace.

But not just the turtles were impressing: The light blue water, the long footbridge, and uncountable sea stars made me feel that I am in paradise

Back in Stone Town we decided to have lunch before going on the city tour. The food in the restaurant “Six degrees south” was delicious. Completely satisfied we went on the city tour and got to know a lot about Stone Town and its unique buildings.

We just finished the city tour in time to watch the sunset at the seaside. Dhows were sailing on the ocean and we knew: This day could not have been better.

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