You want to know what it is like to stay at Zan View Hotel?

Well, this blog post is going to tell you how it feels like to live in this magnificent place for almost 3 months. Be prepared for a little story about a lovely and generous hotel family, delicious meals and the best experience we could have in Zanzibar!


“We”, that’s Julia and Anna, two young girls which didn’t really know what to expect when we decided to travel to Zanzibar. Both of us came as volunteers but soon got part of the Zan View family as Jakob – the hotel owner – and all the other staff really made us feel like at home!


Karibu Zan View Hotel

Working in a hotel far away from home in a totally different culture can be tough – unless you are at Zan View Hotel where you can enjoy the best view on the Indian Ocean while eating a delicious seafood curry and listening to African music.


 Restaurant and Bar

As we were spending the whole day in the hotel we also had all off our meals in the Zan View restaurant.

You might think that we got bored by eating in the same place for three months but that is not the case: Day by day we ate more and more as the food is delicious and freshly cooked.

Besides having a menu full of tasty meals, Zan View Restaurant also has a changing daily menu.

The barmen are very experienced at mixing cocktail’s and smoothies. As you can see in the photo we also enjoyed drinking a banana chocolate milkshake in the pool 😉



The Island

Being in Zanzibar for three months also gave us the chance to travel around the island.

Zan View Hotel offers several trips to some beautiful sights in Zanzibar.

Whether we wanted to go snorkelling, walk through the narrow streets of Stone Town or just aimed to spend the day at another beautiful beach– every single tour was well organised and!

As Jakob knows the Island by heart, he also sent us to very authentic places in Zanzibar and to awesome Full-Moon parties at the beach!

Zan View Family

We call ourselves the “Zan View Family” and we really live like that in the Hotel. You can see and feel the staff is not only working together – they are friends as well! In our opinion that’s one of the reasons why Zan View is such a unique space to spend your holiday at. The Hotel owner, not only supports the Zanzibari – he became a part of Zanzibar too!

He has an open ear for anyone at any time! It doesn’t matter if you are a guest or staff – if you have any questions, need an advice or just want to have a chat with him, he will be happy to talk to you!

It is for sure – we are coming back to Zanzibar one day. After reading about our great experiences on the Island we hope that you are also interested to spend your next holiday in this very authentic hotel where you can feel the friendly spirit of Africa.

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