Stonetown City Tour

Wander your way through the bustling labyrinth of alleyways that have defined Stone Town for centuries. In a city where history seems to stand still, go visit important sites such as the old fort with its Zanzibar door, the House of Wonders, extravagant dwellings, former slave markets and other fascinating spots where cultures and unique influences converge.

On the walking tour follow in the footsteps of past explorers while being entertained by the stories that make up Stone Town’s past. You will also get a glimpse into how stone town’s rich history has come to collide with modern times in this town that is known as Zanzibar’s heartbeat. The tour is flexible and can be customized. Stone Town offers attractions for everyone, from the bustling city markets, beautifully hand carved doors, forts and museums, cathedrals and numerous mosques, to the night food market, waterfront restaurants and excellent gift shops. This city is sure to provide a memorable experience.